Fully Managed Eco-Property Services

Working with Landlords in Bedford & Milton Keynes to provide Eco-Serviced Accommodation for better returns and impact on our guests, community and planet

We can manage your property and offer it as Eco-Serviced Accommodation to improve your revenue and tax position.

We work with key partners and community programmes to promote our ethos of ‘lifting people up’.

We care about our partners, our people, our community and our planet.

We pride ourselves on the work we do and the way we operate.

We offer a green property management service where your property will be managed within Green Award standards.

Book a 30 minute discovery call to see if it could work you you.

Why choose our Eco-Property Management service?

  1. Can produce 2-3 times the amount of a normal buy to let property.
  2. Has huge tax benefits for landlords through Capital Allowances & Section 24.
  3. Eco-Properties are eligible for enhanced Capital Allowances.
  4. Ensures the property is well maintained and kept in show room condition.
  5. Includes a personal account manager for hands-off investment.
  6. Cares about its people, community and the planet.
  7. Has Green Cleaning & Energy Plans
  8. Cares about the lifetime value of its guests to increase income for Landlords and Partners
  9. We manage ‘Guests’ NOT ‘Tenants’ which keeps things simple and hassle free(ish)

Typical property type that works:

Normal residential house (3+ bedrooms)

Town center apartments (1-2 bedrooms)

Bungalows (2+ bedrooms)

Old Guest Houses or Hotels (5+ bedrooms)

What are the Typical fees?

Our fee structure are split into two areas. Firstly Property Set-up and then Management.


Set-up fees are dependent on the style and size of your property and includes our time, energy and furniture. Photography & Video fees are additional (and very important)

  • Prices start from £1,200 for a 1 bedroom property up to £2,000 for 8+ bedrooms.


  • Furniture prices typical range from £3,000 for a 1 bedroom up to £10,000 for 8 Bedrooms (furniture and appliance leasing can be arranged if appropriate)


To then manage your property on an ongoing basis it is really simple.

  • 1-4 properties 20% of income (after third party/travel agent sales fees and commissions)


  • 5+ properties 18% of income (after third party/travel agent sales fees and commissions)

    Our Set-up and Management service includes:

    • Full end to end project management
    • Interior design & room configuration planning
    • Furniture sourcing and installation
    • Furniture lease arrangement (if appropriate)
    • Property staging & deep clean
    • Utility and Broadband management
    • Key cutting and security
    • Full on and offline marketing plan
    • Our ‘Best Stay Promise’ with 70%+ occupancy rates

    Property Sourcing & Set-up

    We work with landlords and investors in Bedford & Milton Keynes to source, set-up and manage their properties the Free Ranger Way.

    We offer a full turn key solution for getting the right property ready for guests and making it a hands-off experience for our investors.

    We have a dedicated team to design and decorate the accommodation inline with our Green Tourism Award and our ethos at Free Range Stays:

    Our Best Stay Promise has FIVE distinct areas:

    1. Great communication – quick, friendly, adaptable and multi-channel
    2. Personal space and professional service –  the team are there to support you and your stay, not manage you into time slots.
    3. Specifically designed eco-conscious decor – For a sense of calm and freedom; a great place to retreat too and recharge.
    4. Great night’s sleep – Using luxury organic Spa Products designed to improve sleep and invigorate the body coupled with fresh, luxury and comfortable beds… you will have a great night’s sleep.
    5. Local knowledge and recommendations – promoter of local produce, businesses and lifestyle to get a unique Bedford or MK stay.

    Book A Discovery Call


    Book a 30 minute discovery call here to see if we connect, have the same vision and that we can work together.