Property Investment

Property investment will allow you to be a Free Ranger. It can provide you with multiple streams of income and the freedom to live in flow; and of purpose…

If that’s what you want?


Building Your Future Together

The FreeRanger Co. has works a model of Commercial Conversions and Land Developments to deliver Eco-Serviced Accommodation and Social Housing with meaningful communities.

We sustainably provide a cash flow that then can help you define your legacy. 

Eco-Serviced Accommodation & Eco-Holiday Lets

The general concept is to operate Serviced Accommodation in high demand areas; for a high cash flowing business and then obtain specific parcels of agricultural land (with set criteria), achieve a ‘change of use’ (to increase asset value) refinance and section off part of the land to set-up eco-holiday lodges.

You can now attract people who stayed in your Serviced Accommodation due to work, travel or lifestyle to stay within your eco-Holiday Lets.

The next step is to gain planning permission for a residential home on the other section of land and increase the equity value of your asset. 

Eco-Social Housing

Now you are in a great position to return to your high demand area (typically towns and cities) to invest in Eco-Social Housing and Tenant Buyer schemes where you can build a super strong and secure investment foundation.

You now have a high value asset (from a humble starting investment) and a high cash flow business. The plan is to use profits to rinse and repeat the model to increase your networth and de-risk your portfolio.

The step by step process is SA to FHL to SH



Either buy or lease below market value residential properties.



Offer Eco-Serviced Accommodation in high demand areas.



Buy or lease agricultrial land to offer Eco-Holiday lets on



High cash flow business & marketing systems



In Tenant Buyer and Social Housing Investment Opportunities

From a typical investment of £10k (which can be asset backed) you will see a 8-10% yield per year and an option to take all your money out after three years.

Contact us if you are looking for a high return investment or you fancy going on an adventure to to become a ‘Free Ranger’ and live a life on purpose.

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