Hi its Scotty H here; aka the Property Farmer & his Fam!

The Property Farmer (Scotty H) and his Fam

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I will also show you my side hustle of growing and diversifying our property portfolio using Agricultural Conversions and Serviced Accommodation.

The back story…

In 2010 I met the women of my dreams (aka Jackie Sweetcheeks) it was only then; I wanted to move out of Luuuunden and build a utopia for breeding man cubs, dogs and chickens.

In 2014 we risked everything and bought a beautiful Farm with the goal of building a house, growing our businesses and designing the lifestyle we deserved.

Unfortunately it quickly unravelled and turned into shit. With a family break-up and the loss of a huge amount of money I got really stressed out and I went dark.

This ultimately made me very ill and I had a massive flare up of UC (ulcerative colitis).

Christmas 2015 was the worst ever! On the 20th I went to bed and didnt get up for 4 months.

On the 2nd January 2016 I was rushed into emergency surgery to save my life.

I was so stressed out and ill; I was just 12 hours away from popping.

I lost 30 kgs and woke up 4 days later with 11 different tubes and gizmos coming out of me.

We had hit rock rock bottom.

We lost pretty much everything, including my health. But what we did hold onto was our loved ones.

Our inner circle gathered around and held our hands. For this (and the staff of the NHS) I am eternally grateful. Thank you my cherubs, angels and guardians x

We were in a financial black-hole and it took 2 years to survive, stabilise and grow. We had to make a lot of sacrifices but we made it.

Now to build Hill Farm & The Free Ranger Co.

Now in 2019 we have two gorgeous man-cubs (Harry and MIllie) and we have an opportunity to build and ‘live the dream’ through property investment and digital innovations.

I am constantly on the lookout for rare-breed people and investors so get in touch if this sounds like you or just

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Speak soon my little Rangers x