This is Scott Hodson

Head Ranger and a jolly good egg!



To Evolve,
To Create,
To Connect.

To me it’s all about family, love and wellbeing. These are my pillars that empower me to get me up everyday and work. For me… my ‘family’ are the people who will always be there (whether inherited or earned) and the people I want to lift up and protect. The ‘love’ is for them, for myself and for the love of the game. I love what I do and I love the way I do it. I am so grateful and appreciative of living in a world that provides me with the challenges and opportunities to get the best out of me. My last pillar is ‘wellbeing’ which is a daily endeavour to perform well mentally, physically, financially, spiritually and of course a few pints of IPA.

Progress makes me very happy and I have been able to articulate that into my purpose.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself”
– George Bernard Shaw


Core Values

The FreeRanger Core Values have been born from this outlook and is how we go about proving value and service to mankind.

  • Fun
  • Progressive
  • Adaptable
  • Wealthy
  • Open minded
  • Self development
  • Innovative
  • Disruptive
  • Resilient
  • Legacy
  • Gratefulness
  • Honesty


Awards & Accolaides

As soon as I graduated from St.Marys University I started my own business Optimum Fitness Software (OFS) with support and mentorship from the Princes Trust; and with my very good friend (and part time genius) Ian Rumsey.

This chap has supported me throughout both my professional and personal career and continues to inspire me to develop a better version of myself everyday.

When you become self-employed you must be a doer, an implementer and a problem solver… And that’s what I started to do and I loved it!

The lessons you learn as an entrepreneur come at you thick and fast and to be honest most of the time (back then) I was fighting hard just to survive. But that played on my best skill which is resilience.

I started to learn, listen and practice the beautiful art of digital innovation – to be honest I was pretty good at it. OFS quickly grew well known in the industry for the way we got results. We could help solo-entrepreneurs and SMEs with off the shelf or turn key services; or help governing bodies or blue chip companies with bespoke solutions… We sold Worldwide licenses for our software which then went on to become award winning. The good news is business started to grow – whoopieeee!

“With courage and kindness, you can conquer the world”
– Bear Grylls



Forgive me for 5 minutes whilst I blow the trumpet…

On paper I am a multi-award winning digital innovator a certified and experienced digital transformation consultant, an ultra marathon runner, an Insanity fitness challenge competitor (2013) a Tough Guy athlete (2011) 3 Peaks Champion (2010) and London 10km runner…and a Farm owner.

Before that stupid lot… I looooooved to play rugby. I was fortunate enough to play and be around some great people in my rugby career. I represented St.Marys University 1st XV, England Universities, Saracens, Irish Exiles & Middlesex.

But Ealing Trailfinders is my club; I am very proud to have been part of their history and to have been Player of the Year and the Player’s Player in 2006. We now compete in the Greene King Championship and have a great following – the awesome Green Army!

In real life I am a husband to the wonderful Jackie and daddo to Harry and Millie (Mancubs) and Teddy and Rosie (our trusty hounds) and all the animals on our Farm in rural North Bedfordshire.


During that nine years of growth and development life was a roller coaster… Gaining and losing clients, employing and losing staff, gaining awards and developing innovations… It became the humb drum of my life until in 2010 I found my focus and my BIG why.

Jackie Hodson (formerly Diss) came into my life and made me fall head over heels in love. Now I had the biggest reason to get up everyday and grow. I wanted to impress this lady and give her everything she deserves. 5 years later we have moved from South London to the beautiful countryside in North Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire borders, we have got married and are now busy raising all our little ones.

Thank you for coming to the FreeRange Co. website I appreciate your time and I hope you enjoyed reading it? I would love you meet-up someday. You can catch me here

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